Reliably Run Tests

Arvados provides a stable environment to run production
clinical pipelines with versioning and auditing.

Arvados provides a robust open source software platform that addresses the unique requirements of running production NGS pipelines for clinical and clinical research applications including whole genomes, exomes, targeted panels, and RNA-Seq.

Flexible Deployment Options

In the Cloud

Arvados is easily deployed in HIPAA compliant cloud accounts, and Curoverse can create a turnkey solution for your needs.

In your Datacenter

You can run Arvados in your own private datacenter or lab when you want to ensure your data never leave your premises.

Complete Production Capabilities

Arvados provides a broad range of functionality specifically designed to address the challenging requirements of production clinical NGS pipelines.

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    Robust Pipeline Version Control

    With Arvados you can track every version of every pipeline and every pipeline run. That makes managing pipeline upgrades reliable and consistent with testing, evaluation, and rollback options.

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    Flexible System Integration

    Standard interfaces makes it straight forward to integrate Arvados with your existing accession, LIMS, and reporting systems. Our consulting team can ensure the solution matches your lab’s unique processes.

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    Standard and Custom Tools

    As an open source solution, Arvados supports all of the standard genomic analysis tools, and it makes it easy for your bioinformaticians to customize pipelines and implement tools for your specific requirements.

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    Complete Data Provenance

    In order to ensure test reproducibility, you can keep track of every data set loaded and generated in the system. That gives you a durable record of the data that were used in each report you generate.

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    Big Data Management

    Whole genome, whole exome, and NGS targeted panels all require the ability to manage data sets much larger than traditional microarrays. Arvados is purpose built for this new generation of massive clinical data.

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    Clinical Grade Security

    Whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, your Arvados solution will provide HIPAA compliance, robust access controls, and strong compliance support for CAP/CLIA standards. Curoverse can sign BAAs to your standards.

See How Arvados Can Address Your Needs

Our solution consulting team can work with you to identify your requirements, design a solution, implement the system, and train your staff. Our service team will ensure reliable 24/7/365 operation.