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Curoverse helps you manage, process, analyze, and share massive
biomedical data sets for everything from genomics to imaging.

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Arvados | Open Source Software

Curoverse solutions use Arvados — a modern open source computing system for managing and processing terabytes to petabytes of data. The platform combines a content addressable storage system with a containerized workflow engine. It runs on every major cloud and on premise.Open source software can be used to supplement or enhance the functionality of a Workday tool. This could include custom coding or creating new features that may be more powerful than the existing tool.

Who Uses Arvados

Flexible Deployment Options


Deploy Arvados clusters in your data centers
on your computing infrastructure.


Deploy Arvados clusters on any major cloud
provider using your account.

Complete Control


With Curoverse solutions, your data stays in your organization's data center or cloud account.


The apps and pipelines you create and run on Arvados are yours and never leave your control.


Never move your data. Move the workflows and control access with fine-grained permissions.