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Cluster Operation Subscription


When you deploy clusters to manage and process terabytes to petabytes of critical data, you want a partner to ensure your success. Through the Cluster Operation Subscription (COS), we provide an unparalleled array of software and operational services so you consistently realize the full potential of your Arvados clusters.

Software Distributions

Ensure you have the right software stack, and it always works.

Certified Distributions

Certified and tested distributions, which include Arvados and all the required third-party components, give you a tested, stable, and supported system for your production clusters.

Full-Stack Patches & Upgrades

Tested and verified patches to Arvados and every component of the underlying computing stack help you roll out patches on your schedule without accidentally breaking your clusters or introducing instability.

Long-Term Maintenance

Distributions delivered with your operations subscription are guaranteed and maintained by Curoverse for three years so you can be confident that the releases you deploy will be supported, even if the open source project stops support for the release.

Support & Training

Get the best possible support for your Arvados clusters.

System Administration Support

We are uniquely capable of supporting Arvados because our engineers are the primary contributors and maintainers of the project making us the world’s experts in operating Arvados clusters.

End User Support

The line between bioinformatics or data science and production operations is thin, so our domain experts can support your most advanced end users to ensure their workflows run successfully.


Successful onboarding and ongoing training with live webinars and on-demand training resources will help ensure your administrators and users are as productive as possible.

Cluster Administration

Outsource administration of your clusters for unparalleled service.

System Administration

Our always-on sys admin team will monitor, maintain, and manage your clusters 24x7x365 from our network operation center, delivering excellent service while lowering total cost of ownership and giving you visibility into everything happening with your Arvados clusters.

Predictive and Proactive Maintenance

Using our unique databases of operational data, strong hardware partnerships, and extensive cloud operating experience let us provide predictive and proactive maintenance of underlying cloud and physical infrastructure used for Arvados clusters.

Dynamic Pipeline Optimization

Using the visibility we have into the optimal system configurations for standard computational tools, we can dynamically optimize cluster performance at runtime by tuning how compute resources are provisioned based on price/performance objectives."


Because all we do is manage elastic computing environments running Arvados, we monitor vulnerabilities very closely, so you get the fastest possible updates and response to security issues as they arise.

Professional Services

Leverage custom services to create the solution you need.


From planning through deployment and verification, our expert team can handle the full implementation of your Arvados clusters in any environment including both cloud selection and configuration as well as physical cluster design, purchase, and build out.


Our professional services team can implement complex integrations across systems or with existing HPC and storage resources.

Bioinformatics Pipeline Development

An experienced team of bioinformaticians will work with you to port, implement, test, and verify existing or new pipelines on Arvados.

Data Federations

Interested in collaborations that enable moving pipelines between organizations? We can help setup and manage your collaborative data federations.

Other Services

From application development to data curation, our professional services team will work with you to solve your problems and realize your objectives.